Just the facts, Jack!

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It takes 2500 gallons of water to make 1 poud of beef

Food poisoning usually comes from meat

Oreos are vegan

Vegan “food” is generally low in calories

Pigs are smarter than dogs

Saves the environment…something about killing less tress because theyre not cleared for growing crops to feed animals (Dont we need crops to grow veggies…for vegans to eat?)


Im sure there are tons of more friendly Vegan facts that would easily convert you from eating delicious steak and bacon pizza, but Im still not convinced. I love my veggies dont get me wrong, especially trying different ones Ive never heard of or that I flat out refused to eat when I was younger…like brussel sprouts, man they are AMAZING!! Im all about living a healthier lifestyle, I wish I had the willpower to do it myself but I could not give up chicken. I did give up beef for 2 months because cows are just so darn cute…but that veggie burger just couldnt compete with the burgers on the grill!

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