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Fruit is amazing! Im a big fan.  There isnt one kind of fruit that Ive tried that I dont like. I even like dried fruit, especially apictos…so so good. When I was a kid I wouldnt eat prunes because I associated them with making you poop or old people, it wasnt until I was maybe 17 that I realied they are literally just dried plums…yumm!

Here in beautiful Florida we are super spoiled when it comes to fruit, we can get oranges, grapefruits, lemons, peaches, tangerines, tangelos, bananas and even pineapples right out of your yard. I thnk in almost every house Ive ever lived in we had some type of fruit tree in the yard..oh and cumquats, how could I forget those little devils! Growing pineapples in your yard is pretty awesome, they usually dont get as big as the ones in the store but wow they are so darn amazing! You gotta be careful though because raccoons with take big bites out of them and then clearly ya cant eat em! My mom planted little mini banana “trees” in our yard always, and they prouced the cutest little bananas, she usually made bread with them, delicious.


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Ewwww….you put THAT in your mouth?!

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Everyone has a few things they would never ever put in your mouth, right?! For me its the usual eyes, brains, kidneys ummm…anything raw (meat wise, shudders), and I dont generally eat fish..theres just something about eating something that lives “breathes” and eats its own urine and feces, gross. All over the world there are foods that are condiered a delicacy that some other countries people find appalling.  In some places they eat Kangaroo on the norm, personally I could never eat one…they are just too darn cute! Of course its normal here to eat lamb and I cant do that either…again they are adorable. Theres also some fruit that tastes like rotten eggs and looks like them too…ummm..nah, Im good. Here in the beautiful USA, people eat opossum, armadillo, coon, snake, gator (which even I love) and even dog which is just down right mean as heck!

Sushi is super big right now, theres sushi joints all over the place and that means my fav thing…fish and raw fish, yuck! I will eat sushi but only the cooked kind which of course limits my options, h and cant be fish..has to be crab or shrimp, and it has to be super cold…room temp and Im out!

Before you put that weird thing in your mouth…think if someone else you know would too, and if not…take a selfie and post away just to creep people out1

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Just the facts, Jack!

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It takes 2500 gallons of water to make 1 poud of beef

Food poisoning usually comes from meat

Oreos are vegan

Vegan “food” is generally low in calories

Pigs are smarter than dogs

Saves the environment…something about killing less tress because theyre not cleared for growing crops to feed animals (Dont we need crops to grow veggies…for vegans to eat?)


Im sure there are tons of more friendly Vegan facts that would easily convert you from eating delicious steak and bacon pizza, but Im still not convinced. I love my veggies dont get me wrong, especially trying different ones Ive never heard of or that I flat out refused to eat when I was younger…like brussel sprouts, man they are AMAZING!! Im all about living a healthier lifestyle, I wish I had the willpower to do it myself but I could not give up chicken. I did give up beef for 2 months because cows are just so darn cute…but that veggie burger just couldnt compete with the burgers on the grill!

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Vegan “Butter”

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We were watching TV this weekend and I see a commercial for “I Cant Believe Its Not Butter” and there’s all different kinds now, like low sodium, low carb….and one for vegans. What do you put vegan “butter” on? Vegan bread? Isn’t that basically putting garbage on cardboard? This confuses me so much.  Kinda like pasta made out of zucchini…which is not pasta at all, its not even the same texture or even close…like putting worms in your mouth and not vomiting. Now I will openly admit my eating habits are absolute garbage, so I should not pass judgement…but clearly I don’t care.  I try to be an open minded person, sometimes I fail at now..vegan fake butter..smh.

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Get a job, you dirty hippie!!!

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When my oldest brother was abut 21 he decided he was going to “travel” the country. Now, keep in mind this was in the 80s. He had no job, no savings and a car my dad bought him when he was 17. So when this genious came to my parents with his bright idea I fully expected them to tell him no way and get a job you dirty hippie! But in true super supportive fashion, pops said..Okay, heres a few hundred bucks to get you started, go enjoy life and when youre ready t be a grown up…come home. So, he packed up some stuff, picked up a buddy and off they went.

I was like 8 so I didnt understand any of this. I knew mom and dad worked so we could live. I was very concerned for my brother…I asked my dad…How is he going to live dad? How is he going to have dinner? How is he going to shower and go potty if he doesnt have a home? The day he left, I cried allllll day. I thought for sure something bad was going to happen to him. Big brother sent us postcards from cool places, and called once a week or so just to check in. This lasted abut 7 months, which at 8 felt like forever and then one day…out of nowhere…there he was, in the living room when I woke up for school! I was ecstatic, I screamed with delight, jumped into his arms and cried…


Moral of the story…you dirty vegans dont have to work to enjoy life.

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