Ewwww….you put THAT in your mouth?!

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Everyone has a few things they would never ever put in your mouth, right?! For me its the usual suspects..fish eyes, brains, kidneys ummm…anything raw (meat wise, shudders), and I dont generally eat fish..there’s just something about eating something that lives “breathes” and eats its own urine and feces, gross. All over the world there are foods that are considered a delicacy that some other countries people find appalling. ┬áIn some places they eat kangaroo on the norm, personally I could never eat one…they are just too darn cute! Of course its normal here to eat lamb and I can’t do that either…again they are adorable. There’s also some fruit that tastes like rotten eggs and looks like them too…ummm..nah, I’m good. Here in the beautiful USA, people eat things that Gainesville Raccoon Removal usually remove like opossum, armadillo, raccoon, snake, gator (which even I love) and even dog which is just down right mean as heck!

Sushi is super big right now, there’s sushi joints all over the place and that means my favorite thing…fish and raw fish, yuck! I will eat sushi but only the cooked kind which of course limits my options, and it can’t be fish..it has to be crab or shrimp, and it has to be super cold…room temperature and I’m out!

Before you put that weird thing in your mouth…think if someone else you know would too, and if not…take a selfie and post away just to creep people out!

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