Get a job, you dirty hippie!!!

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When my oldest brother was abut 21 he decided he was going to “travel” the country for Wildlife removal oklahoma city. Now, keep in mind this was in the 80’s. He had no job, no savings and a car my dad bought him when he was 17. So when this genius came to my parents with his bright idea I fully expected them to tell him no way and get a job you dirty hippie! But in true super supportive fashion, pops said..Okay, here’s a few hundred bucks to get you started, go enjoy life and when you’re ready to be a grown up…come home. So, he packed up some stuff, picked up a buddy, and off they went.

I was like 8 so I didn’t understand any of this. I knew mom and dad worked so we could live. I was very concerned for my brother…I asked my dad…”How is he going to live dad? How is he going to have dinner? How is he going to shower and go potty if he doesn’t have a home?” The day he left, I cried allllll day. I thought for sure something bad was going to happen to him. Big brother sent us postcards from cool places, and called once a week or so just to check in. This lasted abut 7 months, which at 8 felt like forever and then one day…out of nowhere…there he was, in the living room when I woke up for school! I was ecstatic, I screamed with delight, jumped into his arms and cried…


Moral of the story…you dirty vegans dont have to work to enjoy life.

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