What is a Vegan?

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A vegan is a person who chooses to live a life that excludes cruelty and exploitation of animals.

In short, they do not eat anything that would “harm” an animal. So, unlike vegetarians who only abstain from eating meat, vegans do not eat any animal products i.e. cheese, milk, eggs, butter, even honey.

People choose to live a vegan lifestyle for a variety of reasons such as health or ethical.

Health benefits can include weight loss and there was a study that states it can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s or dying from heart disease and cancer. There’s also studies that have shown on a vegan diet you can lower your body weight and mass, people will use this diet to lose weight.

Ethical reasons are usually people who are against animal cruelty. They do not want anything to do with consuming animal meat or products made from animals. They also avoid Raccon Removal, wearing animal products such as fur and leather.

Whatever the reason, being a Vegan has risen by more than 250% in the past 5 years with several celebrities jumping on the band wagon.


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