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They are known as one of the most destructive, and smart, animals in Florida. Raccoon, because of their intelligence, easily adapt to all situations and are well-suited to the outdoor urban lifestyle of the Florida cities. They will rifle through your garbage for a meal, eat your dog or cat food, take food from the bird feeders, and even make a way to enter your home to access your cabinets for the human food. If you’ve seen a raccoon in or around your property it should be removed immediately, if left it will cause damage to your home or property.

The urine and feces of raccoons is riddled with bacteria and they can cause several health problems for both humans and domestic pets. The mess left by raccoons should be removed immediately by a professional. Centurian Wildlife offers professional cleaning and sanitation for the removal of the urine and feces left behind by raccoons. We also offer full service exclusion work that will seal your home against all other raccoons from re-entry.

Damage done by raccoons can be expensive and can include chewing holes to gain entry, breaking soffits, destroying fascia, chewing on wiring, shredding insulation, and of course leaving behind urine and feces. Centurian Wildlife will set live traps to catch the raccoons and remove them to a location where they will no longer be a nuisance to humans.

If you think you have signs of raccoons in the attic call Austin Wildlife Removal for a free assessment, humane trapping and removal of the offending raccoon, closure of the holes the raccoon made, and thorough cleaning of the attic where the raccoon left behind contaminated feces and urine.


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